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Let’s start by why paying for a Professional Wedding Photographer is worth it: Firstly, you’re paying for someone who really knows how to use a camera to cover a wedding and that’s their only goal. Many of your friends and family members may have great cameras and take amazing pictures. Many will also bring their cameras to the wedding to take pictures and it’s always wonderful to have these photos as well. But don’t forget that they’re going to be enjoying themselves at your wedding (after all, that’s the whole point of inviting them, right?) and might miss a critical shot. In contrast, the photographer isn't concerned with having fun, they’re focused on getting the best pictures possible of your wedding the moment between moment. After all, the flowers will wilt, you won’t wear that dress again, and all the food will be eaten. But your photographs will be a lasting reminder of you and your new spouse’s wonderful celebration. Photographs capture a memory that last an eternity . With many years of events experience, we are committed to providing you with personalized, professional and memorable images.  A major advantage to working with a fine image photographer  is that we guarantee coverage. Your event day is very important. Valuable Client, we are an expert in capturing your special day from shooting to final presentation. Our credentials and appropriate skills  allow us to provide you with superb images and unique results.  We know your needs, since we have been working with a wide variety of cultures and customers with great success. With our years of experience, we can offer you all related photo, and advertising services. No event is too big or small, if it’s important to you we are here to help. With our high standard and experience we take pride in all our work to register key moments of the event that means the most to you. Emotion is part of our lives and we are here to help you capture every minute. Our  reward will come with that tear of joy or the smile of success. We will reach our goal and more to exceed your expectations, because, I Val Messer, believe that word of mouth is the key of our success and can not be left to chance.