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Val Messer style.

Her style is extraordinarily unique, she brings a single-minded devotion To her work. “Pictures are a record of what has happened in our world."  Val Messer is continually striving to improve on her already considerable skills. I love photographing weddings,” said Val. “From shooting to final presentation, there are so many techniques you can use. I know my customers’ needs, since I have worked with a wide variety of cultures and customs over the years. “ Emotion is part of our lives,” said Val, “ and my goal at a wedding is to capture every important minute of the event.  My job is to save the beautiful images for generation after generation.” Also, Val Messer  loves the uniqueness of every wedding. “Each wedding”, she said, “has a different emotional feel to it. When you see the love that is shown, you know the bride and the groom want to save that moment forever.